West Sussex Circuits

West Sussex:

The track that is closest for customers based in West Sussex would be the infamous Goodwood. This circuit is a historic venue for both two and four wheeled motorsports in the UK. The track itself is 2.4km wide, and is the only classic circuit in the world to remain in its entire original form, after being restored back in the early 1990’s. For customers in West Sussex who fancy going to a venue that is a little bit different to the traditional, then you can easily access Longcross Proving Ground. Located on a former airfield, Longcross Proving Ground can be found at Longcross Film Studios, in which many famous chase scenes have been filmed on the circuit! The circuit itself leads through forested area, allowing an Alpine and relaxing film, to contrast against the range of Supercars you have a choice of! From Crawley, Longcross Proving Ground can be reached by car in less than 50 minutes via the M25. There are also train routes from Three Bridges station that take less than two hours.

There is also the option of Castle Combe available for those based in West Sussex, by travelling that extra bit further; drivers will be able to experience what it is like to drive on one of the oldest tracks in the UK. The circuit is around 120 miles away from places such as Bognor Regis, but can make a great day/weekend away thanks to the local attractions in the area. Although we do not run Junior driving experiences at Castle Combe due to not having the space, why not bring your children along anyway to participate in the Supercar passenger experiences!