Derbyshire Driving Experiences


When thinking of Supercar driving experiences in Derby, the first track that comes to mind would easily be Donington Park – seeing as it just a 20 minute drive. Being the first permanent motor racing circuit in England, the venue is historic. Over the years, Donington Park has been home to many motorsport events including BTCC, British Superbike Championship, Superleague Formula and also Truck Racing. As of 2003, the park also hosts music events, which once included Monsters of Rock from 1980’s to early 90’s and also home to Download Festival.

Although 6th Gear Experience does not personally run on Donington Park, our venues that are closest to Derbyshire would either be Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground in Leicestershire or Blyton Park located in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. These tracks are around an hour drive from Derbyshire, but are well worth it! Bruntingthorpe is approximately 43.5 miles away from Derby, so with a short trip down the M1, the venue can easily be reached by entering Bath Lane, LE17 5QS into the Sat Nav. Bruntingthorpe boasts a wide range of driving experience, a great range of corners and straights. Being an old Top Gear location, Bruntingthorpe is an ideal location for a driving experience. This track can also be reached via bus, taking just under 3 hours.

Blyton Park has recently been updated with new high grip surfaces and is ideal for any level of driver. The circuit has attracted Supercar manufacturers including Pagani and McLaren, who often use the facilities for testing their cars. Blyton Park is around 5 miles North of Gainsborough and is approximately 35 minutes away from Lincoln centre. By taking the M1 North towards Worksop, and following directions that are easily found on their direct website, the track is easily accessed.