East Midlands Circuits

East Midlands:

For customers who have an experience day, or a planning event, that are based in the East Midlands, have it fairly easy, there are two very popular tracks based here! Bruntingthorpe in Leicestershire and Rockingham in Northamptonshire are suitable circuits for any type of experiences. 6th Gear Experience are able to offer anything from Supercar driving, passenger rides, Junior Supercar driving to Truck driving experiences, which are memorable and enjoyable at either circuit available to choose from. With Bruntingthorpe being just a 26 minute drive from Leicestershire, and Rockingham just 47 minutes from Northamptonshire, there are many things to available after the experience day.
Bruntingthorpe is a suitable track for any level of driver due to their long straights and range of corners, due to it being a very open track, the run off at the venue is very good. Rockingham is infamous with their experiences as it holds many events throughout the year. It offers some long straights and fast corners where road positioning is essential. With constant reassurance from our trained and experienced instructors, you are bound to leave the track with a smile on your face. Blyton Park in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire is also a track that is in reasonable distance to the East Midlands. Roughly an hour and 30 minutes in the car, why not go the extra few miles to experience driving on a newly refurbished and modern circuit? Easily accessible for customers in Derby and Nottinghamshire, it makes choosing the venue that extra bit harder!