Essex Circuits


If you are looking for a driving experience in Essex, then the closest track to you would be the Longcross Proving Ground in Surrey. Longcross is a village which is situated across farmland and woodland area of Green Belt in Surrey, England. It is Between Virginia Water, Chobham and Chertsey. This track is located at Longcross studios where scenes from various films have been filmed including, Doctor Strange, Skyfall and War Horse. Longcross Proving track is also a test track for McLaren.  This track is 2 miles long and runs through a forest area and is banked on 4 corners. The track has long fast tracks and sweeping bends, also known as the snake part of the track. This snake part represents country lanes in films, however slight speed restrictions do apply due to safety reasons, it is a twisting section which twists and turns through a woodland section whilst gaining elevation until the road crests. Once over the crest you will then approach a sharp turn followed by more twists before exiting onto a fast straight. This track offers a unique driving experience with a forest track simulating a rally experience. The track is extremely popular for Supercar experiences; it also has plenty of areas for spectators to take photos. Those in Essex are able to reach Longcross Proving Ground via the M25, which takes around an hour and a half via car.