Cheap Supercar Driving Experience

6th Gear Experience without doubt offer the best value cheap Supercar Driving Experience’ around.

It has to be said that in this day and age there are companies offering very cheap driving packages which turn out to be rather a horror story for the unlucky recipient. Large car park venues as opposed to a race circuit, shabby left hand drive cars and terrible organisation to name a few pointers which 6th Gear Experience has been told about by our loyal customers.

Fortunately 6th Gear Experience has carved itself a reputation as second to none in the cheap supercar driving experience industry. So much so that Tripadvisor have awarded 6th Gear Experience a coveted Certificate of Excellence three years running!

So the moral is – cheap does not mean poor value at 6th Gear Experience! In fact our Single Supercar Thrill is probably the overall best seller in the industry since potential customers know for sure they will visit a proper circuit, have a choice of bang up to date supercars and all the other facilities that 6th Gear Experience is well known for, such as quality catering on site, fantastic industry leading organisation and overall superb value for money.

So what is included in our industry leading Single Supercar Thrill starting at just £59? Well for starters there is a choice of seven top notch supercars of which one can be chosen by the lucky recipient to drive. These include Supercars from iconic manufacturers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Audi and Aston Martin. The crazy Supercharged Ariel Atom is there as is the Jaguar F Type ‘R’ – an absolutely stunning machine from this great British manufacturer. So all in all the lucky recipient gets six miles on the track driving any one of these stunning Supercars. And that’s not all. Just like the more expensive Supercar Driving Experiences our lucky customer gets the thrill of a high speed passenger ‘Hot Lap’ in a specially prepared saloon car. Its an all round super few hours of fun available at all 6 of 6th Gear Experience’ UK circuits.


Another of 6th Gear Experience’ cheaper experiences is the Radical Race Car Experience. Now instead of the customer driving, this time a race car instructor drives with the lucky recipient of the Radical Race Car Experience a passenger! And all for £59!

Definitely not for the faint hearted the Radical packs a huge punch and corners faster than any of the Supercars we offer to drive at 6th Gear Experience! Terrifyingly fast on the straights too it’s akin to being part of a video game as the Radical accelerates at warp speed with the customer hunkered down in the passenger seat! Usually the race car driver in the Radical is the ex European Radical cup champion too!

There is no doubt once experienced the Radical is never forgotten! Available on the day or in advance as a Gift Voucher package, check out the Radical Race Car Experience if you wish that special someone in your life to experience a thrill totally unrivalled!