All Day Driving Experience

If you are looking for a very special present for that someone special then you can’t do any better than purchasing 6th Gear Experience’ Supreme Supercar Driving Experience. Aimed at pure petrolheads this fabulous gift package includes driving the very best ten Supercars on offer from 6th Gear Experience.

Included are the iconic Lamborghini Aventador, the groundbreaking Ferrari 458 Italia, and the Aston Martin from James Bond’s Casino Royale, the DBS.

The lucky recipient of this stunning Gift Package also gets to don a helmet for the crazy Supercharged Ariel Atom. Well remembered by fans of ‘Top Gear’ when Jeremy Clarkson had his cheeks wobble with the ‘G’ force this 2 seater is more akin to a roll cage on wheels attached to a huge supercharged engine!

It’s not over quite so soon either since there is also the Audi R8 V10, another legend from Italy – the Lamborghini LP560 Superleggera, the legendary Porsche 911 (997) Turbo and yet more from the Ferrari stable in the F430.

With approximately six miles driving in each Supercar this really is an all day package which will leave the lucky recipient with the biggest grin! To top it off is a passenger ‘Hot Lap’ in a Ford Focus RS which rockets round the circuit with an ex professional Race Driver at the wheel! One thing is for sure – whoever experiences 6th Gear’s Supreme Supercar Driving Experience will never forget it. Book it now or purchase online for £795.


If you are looking for something not quite so heavy on the pocket but still taking in some stunning supercars over most of the day, then check out 6th Gear Experience’ Extreme Supercar Experience. At £495 the lucky recipient gets to drive five of 6th Gear’s top flight Supercars before rounding it off with the aforementioned passenger ‘Hot Lap’ in our specially prepared saloon car with a Race Driver at the wheel.

Including the fantastic Lamborghini flagship Aventador with its huge V12 engine pushing out over 700 BHP, its competitor (also from Italy) the groundbreaking Ferrari 458 Italia, as well as the pocket rocket Supercharged Ariel Atom, the tremendous Audi R8 V10 and finally the James Bond Aston Martin DBS, this is a Supercar Driving Experience which will be imprinted on the memory of any Supercar afficianado.

Certainly a bestseller in the huge range of Supercar Driving Experience offered by 6th Gear the Extreme Supercar Driving Experience packs a huge punch in terms of its sheer enjoyment factor.


Don’t forget that 6th Gear Experience offer all our supercar driving experiences at any of our UK circuits which comprise Castle Combe circuit in the South West. Bruntingthorpe and Rockingham raceway in the Midlands and not forgetting Elvington and Blyton park Driving Centre in the North. With 6 months to redeem our Gift Vouchers too there’s no excuse for not bringing the family to spectate and maybe even participate if they bring their driving license! 6th Gear Experience offer ‘Pay and Drive’ on the day which as the name suggests means if friends and family get the Supercar Driving bug too, they can all get behind the wheel themselves!